ISLAMIC NEWS AGENCY – The Chief of the national movement guards Fatwa (GNPF) MUI, Ustadz Bachtiar Nasir said the Islamic Defence Action 3 completely to munajah to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala (munajah:  praying to God in fervent manner with feel surrender and trust only in God can help)

“Because of this peace action under the leadership of Ulama, then what we present are the impressions of the majesty of God” he said in front of millions who fulfill the field Monas, Jakarta, Friday (02/12/2016)

The mass number was expected to reach millions more. Explained by Bachtiar that The peace action will be filled with series of tausyiah (part when ulama or ustadz are giving lecture, advice, counsel in frame and base on Qur’an & Sunnah), prayers, shalawat (pray for prophet Muhammad SAW) and Friday Prayers, reports the Islamic News Agency (INA)
He hopes, with the gathering of millions of Muslims to Munajah, it will shake ‘Arsy (place/throne of God) and destroy the power of unjust

“we will ask to God, we are not knocking on the door of palace or beg to law enforcement.” He said. Bachtiar asserted, the peace of islamic defence action 3 do not want to overthrow anyone. But, he believes, anyone that is not enforcing the law will surely fall.

Reporter : Yahya G Nasrullah/INA

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