ISLAMIC NEWS AGENCY- A particular scene occured in the midst of the Islamic Guard Act 3, along the stag monument at Jl. Merdeka Barat, Friday (2/12).
It started with a Metro TV journalist reporting through his television channel that the mass of participants amounted to only fifty thousand heads.

The statement roused anger from the demonstrators.
"Go away, go away, Metro (TV -ed.) liar, liar..." cried one member as witnessed by the Islamic News Agency (INA).

A participator, Asep, shouted his anger towards such misreportation.
"I can't accept it, they've spread so many lies. This is dangerous, that's why we threw them out," declared Asep.

Asep also reminded Metro TV not to tamper with newscasts regarding the movement.
"We remind them not to fool around while reporting our movement. Don't report disinformations. Remember that!" He again declared in front of INA, a news network initiated by the Islamic Journalist Union (JITU).

Further observations by JITU revealed that another news reporter was also dismissed by police forces. However, no response was given when questioned upon regarding the act.
Rep: haikal
Trans: lis

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