Jakarta, Indonesia, December 2nd, 2016 - Light rain began to fall in the area of Monas, Central Jakarta, as if racing along with the tears of the Muslim ummah while listening to heartfelt prayers by KH Arifin Ilham. "We must recite Al-Qur'an every day, because Al-Qur'an will be our savior in the hereafter," adviced the leader of Majelis Zikir Az Zikra, Sentul. Vice Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), Dr. Hidayat Nur Wahid upon the same stage declared loudly, "Those who insult Al-Qur'an are the ones who threat the unity of the Nation," he continued.

Previously the stage has been taken over by a series of tausiyah from GNPF-MUI leader, KH Bachtiar Nasir, alongside Vice Leader KH Zaitun Rasmin, and crooner of da'wah music, Opick. The ambience onstage grew even more tranquil as the mass of people enounced together the first 10 verses of Surah Al-Kahfi, lead by the Madinah-born Syaikh Ali Jaber. "Don't underestimate Syaikh Ali Jaber's allegiance for this country, because his love (is deep- ed.) towards the red-white flag, and he now owns an Indonesian passport," claimed KH Zaitun Rasmin who also acted as a master of ceremony (MC).                     

The Sudirman area, starting from the Casablanca flyover (near Le Meridien Hotel) is already crowded with participants walking towards the National Monument (Monas). In front of the BNI 46 Tower, vehicles were redirected towards Shang-ri La Hotel or Manggarai. Police have blocked the road except for a small number of motorbikes and cars belonging to the participants, originating from various Islamic councils, which distributed free foods and drinks for the participants of Peaceful Act 212. Ahead of the Sarinah intersection, no more motorcycles are allowed to pass because of the growing mass of participants. By 10.30 AM GMT+7, rows for the Jumu’ah prayer has already extended past Hotel Indonesia in the south and Masjid Istiqlal in the north.
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