The calling of the peace action of defend islam 3, Friday, Dec 2nd 2016 is unstoppable. Since this peace action declared by National movement of fatwa MUI guard, trial interception in a systematic, structured, and massive waged by those who do not want the Muslims to unite voice The Social Justice and Justice of Law. Start from allegations of politicization to the issue of treason.

All accusation was just a figment. Muslims do not believe anymore with propaganda and any kind of “agenda setting”. Instead, Muslims reinforce obedience and attachment to the scholars as part of the frame Shari'a. It shows at the peace action of defend Islam 2 and continues at the peace action of defend islam 3.

the symptoms of the peace action of defend islam 3 on December 2, 2016 is essentially ideological movement of soft Muslim People Power in the form of Super Peace action driven by a common sense due to defamation of religion and the holy book of Muslims. Sacrilege was done by Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama as know as Ahok, especially on Surah Al-Maidah 51.

However, this is only the iceberg. Defending Islam movements that looks like gathering of national Muslim and even international is an accumulation of cases of Indonesian Social Inequality, especially Muslims as the party which often cornered and their ideology being humiliated.

They are often accused as a party that is not the Nationalists, Anti Pancasila, not pro at Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity), and others. Ironically, their rights as small people marginalized for the sake of Foreign Investors and “Aseng”.
Therefore, the peace action of defend Islam is pure movement due to skepticism of Muslims against the enforcement of the rule of law by the current regime. Proven in the case of blasphemy by BTP, people pessimistic,that if there was no ‘peace action of defend islam 1’ ahok will be prosecuted, and if there was no ‘peace action of defend islam 2’ Ahok will be processed by the firm, fast and transparent.

On the basis of the paralysis of the Justice of Law and Social Justice then the peace action of defend islam 3 greeted heroically by the Muslim community in particular. The peace action of defend Islam has target. In addition to strengthening the sense of sequence and Muslim brotherhood (Muslim Brotherhood) and Ukhuwwat Wathaniyah (Brotherhood Nationalism), this action aims to strengthen the Union of Muslims that led to the unity of Indonesia, cemented Unity based on the values the original of UUD 1945.

Equally as important, this action requires Social Justice Law and Justice for all Indonesian people and against the forces of oligarchy that has made Indonesia colonized political, economic, social, and legal. imprisoned blasphemer soon!
The concept of the peace action of defend islam as demonstrations Islami and Syar'i, although there are those who are trying to deflate that this is not a protest but the Assembly Recitation and prayer, but DEMAND OF IMPRISONED BLASPHEMER IS THE MAIN GOAL.

Although there are blurring efforts led to the blurring of the main objectives of action Super Peace 212, 212 event concept is the concept of Super Peace is very great and holy where Muslims tell about his fate to God in the form of remembrance, prayer, tausiah, and Friday prayers simultaneosly as a form of protest against social injustice and the inefficacy of legal justice for Indigenous and impressed favors the Aseng and Foreign investors who had bribed Indonesian political elite oligarchy.


Jakarta, 1 December 2016
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